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EpGuides.com Watcher is a simple tool to monitor/track out which epsiodes are coming out. It fetches the air dates from epguides.com and renders them in a weekly format. Each episode is linked to tv.com or TVRage so that you can get more info about the episode. Quite a usefull tool for all the tv series fans out there like me.

How it works:
This small program will download the episodes data from epguides.com and list the air dates and times of your favorite tv shows. TV shows are customizable so one can add his own, like: Family Guy, Smallville, 24, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, House MD, HIMYM, Weeds, TBBT and any other TV show listed on epguides.com. Epguides.com Watcher then will list the selected episodes and their air dates in that particular week so that one won't need to have to go through all the tv shows pages in sequence. Data is stored in a local cache on your computer so that epguides.com Watcher won't need to redownload the series data each time. More Help

Main Window:
epguides.com Watcher Main Window

 Download Now       v1.71  

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Please Donate to support EpGuides.com Watcher and receive an unlock code. Thanks to all those who donated.
As one can see in the above window the shows are coloured to identify which shows have been aired in the last 2 days and the shows that are going to be aired on that day. You can see other screenshots here

Donate and Remove the Ads

Donate using paypal with at least €5 and you will receive a unique unlock code to remove the ads and paypal buttons found inside the program. The unlock code will be valid for any future releases of epguides.com watcher. The unlock code can be entered from Edit..Preferences.


Backup Configuration

To backup the configuration check the location where the configuration is stored. You can click on Edit..Preferences. Check the field Config Stored in Open the directory where the configuration is stored. Backup the two xml files urlds.xml and conf.xml. When installing on a different PC restore these two files.

Any ideas, comments or feature requests contact me on email ian@iannet.org

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